Our saintly-cheeky cat – jokes on us

December 7, 2017

Our cat Tizzie is truly a devout cat.  She is pious enough to stay quiet most of the time.  As a cat who knows what cats should be like, she sits in her saintly manner often.

But, she another side to her where she prefers to perch herself in a cheeky cat-like way throughout our house.

She gets this adorable, sly grin on her face as she turns away from the camera when I grab it to catch her in action.  She’s clever that way.


Sometimes she’s found on the counter appearing as though she’s an ornament or appliance.  All plugged in and recharging for her next move – no disrespect to us, just a reminder that she belongs where cats can see out in all directions.


And…a reminder to always to clean the counter before preparing meals.  (Duh – we know you cat-haters out there will want to stick your nose up in the air seeing her sit there on the counter…)


Tizzie, when not perched out of sight, high on the cupboard tops, remains close, but far enough away from her sister.  She is able to keep tabs on important things in life that way.  Like when it is time to be brushed, the arrival of a new shopping bag to discover, where the birds outside the window may have landed, or when feeding time shall begin.  She’s clever enough to wait patiently for that – she has come to know her sister’s meows are the main source of food.

Tizzie is particularly attracted to laundry.  It must be inspected to see if dirty enough, and if not, she jumps in to add her scent and tufts of fur before washing.


One of her favorite spots each week is where the washed jeans land.  Jeans are always air-dried in our house per tradition someone (me) started years ago.  Anyhow…in the process, the previously dried jeans are folded neatly and set aside on a table in the bar room while the newly washed jeans are hung on the drying rack.

And then we humans (mostly me and occasionally my husband in our normal midlife, empty nest kind of way) get distracted and wander off to do something else and forget to grab the clean jeans to put them properly away.

Low and behold, Tizzie, finds her saintly cheeky self, cunningly perched right on top of the folded jeans – blending in with the surroundings as if it were her throne.  Making sure our clean laundry is scented and her tufts of fur are splattered about.  The joke is always on us.


Daily Post Prompt:  Saintly

Daily Post Weekly Challenge Photo Prompt:  Cheeky



By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    Haha! Aren’t cats great? My Gloria used to sprawl between two chairs that had a gap between them, her midsection drooping down several inches. She looked like a furry letter “U” as she slept. Your Tizzie’s a beauty 🙂

    1. Reply


      LOL! Yes, I agree – love the reference to cat’s hanging belly too – our two cats strut with theirs in all the right places. Thank you for stopping by to read my post. I enjoyed your post about the shingles https://dangerdangerwordpresscom.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/my-wife-got-shingles/comment-page-1/#comment-1830! Excellent – cheers to both of you!

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        Thank you so much! I’m honored you stopped by my place, that was unexpected 🙂

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          Ditto to you! I even shared your post with my husband. We’ve got a roof that needs repair too…!

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    Ohhh what a sweet cat, it’s wonderful. I love cats, though I don’t have one

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      Thank you KuminKueche – she is a sweetie (in her own way)! I love your food photos on your blog! Yummmm! Thanks for stopping by to read my post!

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    a cheeky beauty! you captured her well.

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      Thank you klara for stopping by to check out my post! Much appreciated. Love all your pictures on your blog too! Nice work!

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    whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, clearly never met a cat. ^_^

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      Maria, you’ve got that right – cats are a girl’s best friend! Your golden tabby is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!

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    Cheeky: Bench Mark 2 – What's (in) the picture?

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    1. Reply


      Chrisbreebaart – nice job on your entry this week – love their facial expressions and the beach shot is perfect too! https://chrisbreebaart.wordpress.com/2017/12/09/cheeky-bench-mark-2/ Thanks for tagging my post too! Can’t wait to see next week’s entry!

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    Your photos show how much you love this gorgeous cat. Also, the dirty laundry photo reminds me of my cat Ippy, who never slept on the bed except immediately after I made it up with fresh-laundered sheets. Then, straight to the space between pillows went she. Ippy was the most unselfconscious cat I ever had or knew. She could make me laugh until tears fell down! Thinking of her now, I’m laughing!

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Ellen – Tizzie is a pretty cat, I love it when she lets me click away with the camera. Our cats adore clean sheets, too! Glad my post sparked fun memories for you!

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