Spoiled rotten by a hot chunk of meat

January 30, 2018

There are numerous skills in my husband’s repertoire.  I can’t think of any that don’t spoil the heck out of me?!  But, toward the top of the list, his ability to cook up a mean slap of meat on the grill is my best-kept secret on how to spoil one’s wife.

Until now…now you’ll know, too, how to spoil your wife.  Grab a pad of paper, and take notes!

I’m spoiled even more than some who have a summer grilling kind of guy.  No offense, to those who do, but my guy is weatherproof.  He’ll plow the snow and cook dinner all in the same day.  AMAZING!


Grilling is a favorite method of his, the InstantPot a close second.  But when it comes to ribeyes, tenderloins, etc., no matter if it is winter, spring, summer or fall, if he’s got steak, he’ll grill it!  I have witnessed downpours or tundra winds being deterrents, otherwise, he’ll brave the elements to make a meal fit for a King and, of course, me the Queen B.

Last week, before the big snow storm appeared, with our deck all clear of snow, he moved the grill into position and headed out to the store to release his stifled cravings for meat.

I know it’s going to be a great meal night (like every night is…he cooks almost every meal) when he says to me with a hot-to-trot melting grin, “So, what do you think about steak for dinner tonight?”

“Hell ya – that sounds great, tomorrow they are predicting snow, so YES, steak sounds awesome!”


From the moment he gets a hankering for a steak, the house begins to feel the anticipation.   The pets line up to watch the show.  “Dogs see in 3-D – Copper can see the meat, and can’t wait for scraps of fat once the meal is done.”  Dessy – she just has to be the center of attention, it’s her “thing.”


Hot tip – “Let the chops come up to room temperature, and don’t put on too many seasonings – just a bit of salt and pepper is all it takes!”


While the steaks are getting all happy and ready for the grill, he starts cooking up his famous mushroom and wine sauce.  A glass of wine seems to appear, too.  “Once the bottle is open, why wouldn’t you taste it, right?”


“Hon, would you mind getting the sweet potatoes ready?”  He’s so thoughtful.  I get to “help” with the highly technical things like potato cooking in the microwave.  Scrub the outside, puncture with a fork, wrap in a wet paper towel, place on a plate, stick in microwave, and punch the potato button for 2.  Like I said, highly technical and prevents me from feeling left out of the event.

His steaks are scrumptious and mouthwatering.  Right off the grill, he rubs a small pat of butter on each, tents them with aluminum foil, and lets them rest a bit before we dig in. (We have to wait for the potatoes to finish – I typically get sidetracked with the task.  Someone has to be the photographer, don’t ya know!?)

Go grab a napkin, this picture might get you drooling…(don’t get too distracted by the vintage Corelle plate – some things from when we first got married never go out of style).


We set down to eat, say a thankful prayer (for steaks from heaven) and dig right in.

“OMG – these steaks and veggies taste incredible.  I’m so lucky you’re such a great cook!  You sure spoil me!!”


“Hon – the potatoes turned out great, too!”  (are you starting to see why I love this guy…?!)  

“Ah…that was fantastic, I can’t believe it, I ate the whole thing…!”

“It must have been good, you normally don’t eat the whole steak – I had a hard time keeping up with you?!”

“Crap, you know what…we forgot something?”


“What, I thought it was perfect?…Oh yeah, dammit, we forgot the mushroom and wine sauce!”


“Guess we didn’t need it after all!?!”

Yes, siree, I’m spoiled rotten by one hot chunk of meat!

Do tell – are you a steak lover too?  What’s your favorite side to serve with steak?  Do you grill out year-round? 

This post inspired by Linda Hill’s JuJoJan:   Your prompt for January 30th, 2018, brought to you by my friend and yours, Judy, is “Scrumptious.” Use it any way you’d like your post. And make sure you visit Judy at her blog, “Judy E Martin, author, poet and lover of life,” to read her post and say hi! Here’s her link: https://www.judyedwinamartin.com/


By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    Judy E Martin

    I was drooling as I read this, Shelly. My husband is also a year round griller and, like yours. cooks most of our meals. I love a bit of steak, whether it be with chips and peas, or salad and new potatoes (I love the look of your sweet potato, too)! 🙂

    1. Reply


      Aw, thank you, Judy, so glad I sparked your taste buds for you!! Isn’t it GREAT to have a personal chef in the house?? Your menu sounds delicious – I might have to steal the idea for next grilling session! Thanks again for the prompt, it was fun to play along! Thank you for stopping by – it is so fun to hear from fellow “50-something gals”!

  2. Reply


    I’ll let you know when I am driving through. That is my favorite meal! No changes.

    1. Reply


      Donna – sounds like a date to me!! I’ll have the King set an extra plate :-)!

  3. Reply


    You have to punch holes in the potato? Maybe that’s why mine blow up! Now as for the photo of cat, you’re too young to remember the wonderful New Yorker cover of a table beautifully set for Thanksgiving and then you notice the top of a cat’s head, just ears and eyes, across the table. So similar!

    1. Reply


      Ellen – yes, punching holes in and wrapping in a damp paper towel is the BEST – perfect potatoes every time! I don’t remember that, but I could see Dessy having a past relative who probably posed for it ;-)! Thank you for sharing your thoughts – you know I love hearing from you!!

  4. Reply


    Hahah I love your style of writing! Your posts make me chuckle!

    1. Reply


      LOL – thank you! I’m so tickled to hear I brought a chuckle to your day!! I love hearing your thoughts!!!

  5. Reply


    Well that left me feeling hungry and envious for your husbands cooking skills….steak I can never get right, its either over done or under done, maybe I inherited my mother’s cooking skills where she would regularly reduce a piece of reasonable steak to a piece of elephant’s arse.
    Thanks so much for the cooking lesson, I enjoyed the journey.

  6. Reply


    That steak looks scrumptious for sure! I can almost taste it 🙂

    1. Reply


      Thank you!! – I LOVE the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang video you shared…THAT brings back so many childhood memories!!

  7. Reply


    Looks yummy Shelley!

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