If Garfield had a twin sister

July 31, 2017

If Garfield the Cat had a twin sister, a gray-tabby version instead of an orange-tabby color, it would be our cat, Dessy.

If there is a spot to lounge, and pose for pictures, you’ll find Dessy there.  Her frequent napping moments are likely because it takes her so much effort to move from space to space, she literally has to lay down frequently to recover.  Or maybe she’s dreaming of the food that was once on this spoon?


Sometimes she stops to get a drink from the faucet instead of finding her bowl of water.


Not only is Dessy fat, she also has the same nonchalant attitude as Garfield.  She likes to look all innocent when we find her in spots she really shouldn’t be in.  Getting people to notice her, or what she leaves behind when she can’t make it to the litter box is a gift, or does she think she’s leaving us a gift?  Grrr…


Fat, is a fair description of her, don’t you agree?  Just look at all that fluff.


When we describe her in politically correct terms, we refer to her as full of redundant tissue, or affectionately replace Dessy with “Chubba.”  She’ll respond to either name, especially if she thinks she’ll end up with the food.

Yes, just like Garfield, Dessy is obsessed with food.  She will wait for, stalk for, and interrupt you for, any type of Greenie treats and/or food.  She’ll also launch herself from counter to table to counter, just to get to the food.  She beats her sister to the food every time and will come running at the sound of the food can being opened.


If you ask her, she gets some daily exercise.  There’s always the chase to beat her sister to the food, the attack of Copper as he runs up the stairs, and in her opinion the best exercise ever, and as mentioned before, the pursuit of food.  I’m sure she’s convinced too that finding the best napping spot takes energy.  In her book, any momentum required to move her fluff will help her burn off some calories on a daily basis.

Her favorite exercise routine is jumping to and from the counter, via a chair first.  When she’s really brave, she launches right to the table, skipping over the chair.  She knows that her redundant fluff limits her launching abilities so she has to really prepare herself.  It is quite the balancing act for sure.


But when she sees the potential for food in it for herself, she becomes the super hero and takes a leap of faith by launching herself into the air.  Funny what one will do for food to fill a tummy of a Garfield-like cat.


Oh good graycious, yes, we need to figure out how to make homemade cat food and put her on a serious diet.  Wonder if she’ll object?


By Shelley

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