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November 8, 2017

As I stand here typing at my desk, I’m a bit woozy from the faint smell of apple cider vinegar wafting around the room.  The furnace has kicked in for the day, warming the chill of the air ever so slightly.

An office smelling salad-like at 5:00 am seems just so wrong.  It’s been too long since I started this quest, I vaguely remember what an office should smell like.

My slight light-headedness of trying to figure out what to write about for the faint prompt fades as I see another gnat fly by.

Dang it, I thought maybe today would be the day.  But they are still here.

I’m instantaneously unclear as to why I haven’t been completely successful in ridding them of the plants.

They are appearing to lessen though, or at least I hope so.  I look forward to their unobtrusive state of being.

I like it when Dessy wanders in to join my fun.  I’m unclear of what she sees as she stares off into cat-space.  Maybe she is watching the gnats and preparing to pounce?  Their ill-defined flight around the room makes it hard for her to catch them too.

I’m secretly glad I’m not alone in this giddy little gnat removal adventure.

Daily Prompt – Faint

Cee’s Black & White Challenge – Pets (PS – I found this challenge, very late in the game – but still want to join in on Wednesdays.  I’m new to trying out the black and white photo challenge – it appears the new rage on Facebook.)


By Shelley

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    Cee Neuner

    You might be new to black and white, this photo turned out gorgeous. Thanks for playing.

    1. Reply


      Aw, thank you, Cee! I appreciate your encouragement and for stopping by to see my photo!

  2. Reply

    Cee Neuner

    This is an excellent photo. Thanks for playing along. Welcome to my challenges.

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      Thank you, Cee, I enjoy playing along!

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