Corner plants

January 15, 2018

When I edit photos, I find myself amused.  Not so much about editing techniques, but what I see I captured in the photos of my surroundings.

While I love the items (that’s a rule in dubious minimalism – decorate with only things you love) I’ve used to decorate my home and office with, I don’t really study them on a day-to-day basis.

Once they are carefully placed.  There they sit in corners.  Being loved.  And collecting dust.

You either entertain an audience or you don’t.  – Twyla Tharp

Dessy appreciates it when I decorate with a box in a corner.  Boxes fit her well.  She has been in some of my black and white photos, but prefers to be in color – she likes how her green eyes add a pop of color to her overall gray color scheme she’s got going on.


Back to the real photo shoot…in close up shots of cornered plant containers, to my delight, I saw lots of black dots, (aka, dead gnats).   It’s been a long battle with the damn things.  But looky here, see all the blasted gnats I’ve captured since the last review!?!  Wow, now that I think about it…I have noticed a pleasant decrease in the number of those flying around the room.

The simple pleasures in life still catch me by surprise.

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Upon further review, I re-discovered a quirk of mine.  Somewhere along the line, in home decor lessons of life, I learned it is proper to place plants in corners.

Not the middle of the shelves, but the corners of them.  Also in the corners of rooms.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.  – Aristotle

Is that a fetish or a proper plant placement technique?  I checked every other room, and only one plant is not placed in a corner.  It must be the proper thing to do?

Damn…I just saw another gnat fly by…so I squished him.  I’m no longer amused.

Perhaps it is best for me to go contemplate for a bit?


Daily Post Prompt:  Entertain

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge:  Corners




By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    I love how you’ve decorated your three-tiered shelf with books and plants and knick-knacks. You’ve given me ideas for the new office at work. I don’t keep plants at home, but the kids have boxes for sleepy time. A cat home cannot be complete without at least one box.

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      Thank you for the compliments! Ah, cats and plants are a tricky thing. As you can see, my plants are strategically out of reach. So true, boxes and cats go together well!!

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    A fine photo, a good quirk, a good quote, a delightful ending. I sometimes literally get ‘enchanted’ looking at the home I’ve created. Growing up, our house basically belonged to my mother. No such thing as a sign on a bedroom door; do not enter … she entered and was in control of everything. Even all these years later, I’m still amazed that I am the only captain of my 8th floor ship.

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      Thank you, Ellen! I love your feedback! Happy sailing to you, I’m sure your place is a perfect place to be yourself and one that you enjoy!

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    I meant photos, plural.

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