Chippewa Falls, WI – We love bicycles, breweries and stops in-between!

January 25, 2018

During January, in Chippewa Falls, WI, our winter enthusiasts are thrilled with the arrival of snow storms.  They can’t wait to hit the trails to go skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, etc.  More power to them – let their engines (and legs) roar!!

There are those of us, though, who prefer warmer weather with clear roads for walking, running, or strolling down our main streets.  Some local activities are done best at a leisurely pace.  Slow enough to pause, admire our local shops, restaurants, and breweries.  So many great places along the way to stop and warm up!

I have to admit to the snow lovers…’Yes, okay, already, our recent snowfall is a gorgeous view.’  Guess you have to be here to appreciate it???  But, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of warmer weather, green grass, and dry roads…and bicycles.


We, locals, know the snow won’t last.  In just a few short months we’re home free to hit the roads once again.  As we switch from skis and boots to running shoes and flip-flops, our downtown streets will transform, too!  Streets and corners will be swept in preparation for being decorated!?!

Wait, what?  You Chippewa folks decorate your street corners?

Yes, we decorate our streets and corners!  Our Chippewa Falls Main Street organization spearheads all sorts of events to liven up the scenery and decorate our downtown area.  Our Christmas decorations are stored away, and we’re preparing for the next conversion.  In February, things will start popping with color – red, to be exact, in our Paint the Town Red event.

In April we’ll have a spring clean up – getting streets and corners ready for hanging flowers and planters.  Then we’ll roll onto the street corners with the change of seasons by adding some fun with a dominant theme of bicycles.

If you’re in the area of Chippewa Falls, during the summer months, stop downtown, take a walk around and see how many bicycles you can count.  We are a bike-friendly city, even if the corners on the main streets say ‘no bicycles’.

That doesn’t stop us from decorating with bicycles…IMG_5769cWe have a bicycle path around the perimeter of the city for all the bicycling fans.  There is signage everywhere so you can navigate your way around town with ease.  Feel free to stop at a bench or two while you’re at it.  Take a break and enjoy the scenery.

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Bicycling fans come from near and far; you’ll see many vehicles hauling bikes as you walk around downtown.   IMG_5795cThe path around town takes you past many of our local restaurants and shops.  You’re welcome to grab some refreshment at the end of your trip at our local breweries.  On one end of town, you’ll find Chippewa River Distillery & Brewster Bros.  I missed seeing their bike the day we walked around.  No worries, they are on my ‘must stop at’ list this year. I’ll make sure to see their decorated bike and, of course, taste their beer & spirits!

The day we walked around we stopped at the other end of town, at Leinie’s, for a tasting.  It’s a great place to stop and shop around their visitor center, and if you’ve got the time, take them up on their tour, too!

IMG_5909cMy husband and I took a walk downtown this past summer to see how many bicycles we could see.  I’m still amazed at how many bicycles we saw when we set out to discover them.

Intermission break…tour is about to begin…I’ll wait here while you go grab a cup of something warm…you know, to sip on as you join me for a peek at how our town went all bicycle last summer.

Great – glad you’re back – ready, set, let’s roll…I hope you enjoy our walking bicycle tour!

Look close as you walk (or bike) around, you might just find some other surprises – smiling out at you.IMG_5836cThe first bike we saw was sitting on the corner by the 4:30 am Coffee Shop – Open at 4:30 am during the week and are closed on Sundays.  Their coffee is delicious – make sure you stop by to grab a cup of java and check out their friendly and welcoming smiles!

I had to smile at the location of this bike…right next to the No Bicycles sign.



Our Chippewa Falls Main Street location is a great place to stop if you’re interested in learning more about our mission for downtown properties as well as upcoming main street events.



Don’t forget to look up as you walk around!


We may be a small town, but we’ve got a high tech store on one of our corners!


IMG_5793cMake sure to take a peek in the windows of the shops – go ahead, stop in to shop while you’re at it – treasures you will find!  IMG_5797cThe Bridge Street Brew coffee shop was new to downtown this past summer.  They are open on Sunday’s, serving breakfast, lunch, and, of course – COFFEE.  You’ll find welcoming smiles there, too!  IMG_5801c


Lacey’s Lingerie shop opened in December 2017.  They joined in on the corner bike decorating as they prepared for the opening of their shop.



Keep an eye out for the paintings on the walls and buildings.  Our Harmony Court holds a special place in the hearts of our locals.


IMG_5865cAs we ended our tour, we spotted a bicycle decorated outside of the Leinie’s Lodge…  Oh, and when you go inside for a tasting of their beers, or to shop, (you should do both), make sure to look up!  IMG_5912c

IMG_5915cNo overnight parking allowed, but during business hours, go ahead, rack your bikes, park, and head inside to taste their beer!  They’re open year-round, so you don’t have to wait until summer…hint, hint…!  IMG_5920c

Cheers to you, hope you enjoyed this flashback to warmer weather!  You’re always welcome in Chippewa Falls, WI; Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you’ll find someone hitting the streets, roads (or trails) and welcoming smiles wherever you go!






By Shelley

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    Those are cute bikes! There’s a coffee shop in our country which displays vintage and miniature bikes. Maybe he got the inspiration from your place.

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    What a cool idea! I love the white bike and red flowers. Our city has paid $1000 of dollars to put artwork on garbage cans lol!

  3. Reply


    I love the idea of decorating bikes and your photo tour is just lovely. Here in NYC, new bike lanes on main streets are helping, but in NYC we also believe that rules don’t apply to us, so best to look both ways when we cross one-way bike lanes!

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Ellen! I’ve never been to NYC, but I’ve been to Chicago, so I’m guessing it’s much the same when it comes to bike lanes? I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try it…!?

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      Thank you for the pingback Emma!

  4. Reply


    Lovely bicycle decor on the streets!

    1. Reply


      Thank you! The decorations definitely add some fun as you drive or walk through town. Thanks for stopping by to read the post!!

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    Your post put a smile on my face, Shelley. You do know that I love my bike and I love to ride in the summer, right? So the decorated bikes and trail around Chippewa Falls made me SQUEE a bit. That is so very cool and I may have to take a drive in your direction this summer…with bike in tow. Two more months to spring, but let’s hope it’s a nice, warm bike-riding spring.

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Mary! Yes, I do remember reading you love your bike and love to ride in the summer! I hope you do venture this way this spring or summer, with your bike and check out our trails and see the bikes decorating the town!! I’m glad you enjoyed the virtual tour. Yes, I agree, let’s hope spring arrives soon and is WARM! 🙂

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    Wandering Dawgs

    I love this post! Your town looks like a wonderful place to be. The picture of Leinie’s made me smile. Every spring I start searching for Leinie’s Summer Shandy. It’s a staple in my house until all the stores in town run out in the fall.

    1. Reply


      Aw, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post. It’s so fun to hear about fellow Leinie’s fans from places outside of Chippewa Falls! Summer Shandy is one of my favorite summer beverages. If you’re ever RV’ing through the area, do stop at their Lodge – you won’t be disappointed!

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    Variations on a Theme – Branches – What's (in) the picture?

    […] Chippewa Falls, WI – We love bicycles, breweries and stops in-between! – Quaint Revival […]

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      Thank you, Chris, for the pingback!!

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    Dan Collins Sr

    Thank you Shelley!
    Chippewa Falls is the home of high quality products. Like Leinie’s Beers, Darley Pumps and Fire Equipment. They have very nice hotels and wonderful friendly people.

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Dan. Yes, we have so much to be proud of here in Chippewa Falls!

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      Thank you!!

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