When a pity party is okay

January 9, 2018

“Never – I mean, never, ever, start the new year off with a pity party.  You should kick off the new year on a positive note.”

Famous words of wisdom spoken from a Procrastinator.  Procrastinators are pity party planners, yes they are.

Not like the Pro-doers who:

Set goals.

Hit the gym.

Lose weight.

Clear the clutter.

Quit bad habits.

Go gray. 

Okay, so yeah, I found one goal on the list I did accomplish.  I went gray.  Whew, just in time to celebrate as the new year rolled in.  All I have to do now is let-it-be and grow-baby-grow.  The easy stuff.

Instead, of celebrating going gray, I got sucked into a gray mood.  The gloom of gray clouds closing in on me was daunting the last few days.  Gray moods are never as much fun as the energy they claim in the form of motivation deprivation.


Dangnabbit, I should know better.  This time of year instead of feeling forlorn about the month of January, I should know better.  It’s inevitable, especially when I don’t stick to my goals about keeping up with paper processing for our home businesses.

History repeats itself.  Every year I write a ‘you were naughty again this year’ love letter to myself.  I also try to fire myself.  I can’t because I’m the only one doing the job.  Sometimes job security isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I feel hopeless as I begin the shuffle dance with receipts, papers, and tax forms.  Before I know it I’m engulfed in my own little pity party.  The party lasts until I get caught up.


Yesterday was, “National Clear Off Your Desk Day.”  I wasn’t celebrating.  My desk wasn’t cleared off.  I had spent the day before discovering the all the things I hadn’t completed leading up to the clearing off day.  And the organized piles cannot be lost again.  Out of sight, out of mind is what got me to this point.

Besides, I didn’t know it was “NCOYDD” until last night when I saw it on Instagram.  Who creates these holidays anyhow?  A mailer of sorts mailed out the week before would’ve been helpful.  That way, when I was sorting through unread mail, I’d have known to plan for it or at least had a martini to toast the day.  I would have put in three olives, too, a clear desk is a thing to celebrate!


Nope, no one sent me a “Happy National Clear Off Your Desk Day” card.  That would’ve cheered me up I’m sure of it.  A perfect reminder to start the day with a new habit.


Not being able to say I met my goal of keeping up with paperwork and discovering I couldn’t celebrate “NCOYDD” depressed me.  So much that I still feel a bit down today.  And it’s Tuesday, day three of feeling pitiful, sad, sorrowful, dejected, despondent, disconsolate, wretched, abject, downcast, dispirited, downhearted, crestfallen, melancholy, gloomy, hopeless, and, woebegone.

Even Copper’s adorable smile couldn’t help me shake the mood.


But then, something hit me (it wasn’t falling paper piles either).

Woebegone is a cute word…

My woes should be gone.  I know, just like every other year, this is just part of the process.  I always get caught up.  I always say, “I won’t do that again this year.”  And I always feel better after I host my little pity party.

When in doubt, the perfect pick-me-up is a look back at where I started.  It helps me see progress.  This is my office last year (you’re really going to show that picture – oh, my girl, you’ve really lost it!).  I took it as proof of progress I knew I’d need someday (like today).

It was taken while I was in the midst of a major ‘this is the last year I’m going to do this clear-out, purging, sorting and getting caught up’ project.  I was on a mission and started a ton of clutter clearing projects at the same time.  Talk about depressing and overwhelming.  I’m pretty sure that’s when I took the martini picture, too?!?


Seeing that picture helped me clear my blues.  Even if my desk isn’t completely clear, I think it’s way better than last year.  I love my new office, plants with gnats and all.  (One of those damn gnats just flew by again.  Misery loves company right?)  


Yep – today is a new day.  I’ve had my little pity party.  I even did a little happy dance (you would’ve clapped – it was that cute!).  I am celebrating and smiling ‘cuz my office does look way better than it did last year at this time!  I did meet partial goals, and this year is off to a great start.

My woes-be-gone, yes they are!

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By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    Wind Kisses

    This was funny! I love how you bring real life around to laughing at life. I saw it was NCYDOD last night as well, and laughed. My desk looks messy, butt I know exactly where everything is, so it shall remain. This was well done Shelley. From my point of view the brisk winter looks beautiful, and so does your work space. Have a good rest of your week. 🤗☀️Sending AZ sunshine.

    1. Reply


      Aw, thank you, Donna! I appreciate you reading and sharing your feedback. If we can’t laugh at the things in life that frustrate us, we’d be miserable! You’ve got the right technique…leave it right where you’ll find it! Thanks for the ray of inspiration and sunshine from AZ. We’re expecting snow tomorrow – I’ll send pictures, ‘cuz it would melt if I mailed it to you! Hope you have a great week too!

  2. Reply

    Dr B

    What’s yer job Shelley?

    1. Reply


      Dr. B – when I’m not working my day job which is a Business Operations Coordinator, I’m a business co-owner/bookkeeper/landlord/mom/wife/pet caretaker and learning as I go, blogger/photographer. Is it silly to have just one job?

      1. Reply

        Dr B

        I think we must differentiate between jobs and roles, going beyond mere semantics. My job was as a psychologist, but I other life roles including husband, father, blogger, mountaineer, Charity chairman …..

        1. Reply


          So true! Then, my job is “Bookkeeper” for our home-based businesses. Ho-hum!

          1. Dr B

            There you go ….. simple! Most roles don’t change, jobs do!

          2. Shelley

            You got that right!

  3. Reply


    Shelley, I can tell from your writings that you love your life. For me, resolutions go in the same category to me as “I’ll try,” or “I should.” Not very hidden are the ends of those sentences: I’ll try … but I won’t succeed. I should … but I won’t. The more I love my real self, the better I feel, and the better I feel, the more likely I am to take out the trash that same night and not worry about how I look to my apt floor-mates! Just a thought!

    And you know, there’s mess, and there’s mess. When mess is just your life unfolding day to day, leave it, say I!

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Ellen, you’re so sweet. Yes, I do love my life and the opportunity to learn new things. You’re very wise, it is true if we love our real self, we feel better! I love your advice on day-to-day mess – it unfolds with life! 😉

  4. Reply


    You made me laugh. I was thinking of the yellow paint story today, funny enough. The pictures with the story flow perfectly together. I love it.

    1. Reply


      I’m so happy to read you chuckled while reading my post. I appreciate you taking time out to read the post and for sharing your feedback! Hope you have a great day!!

      1. Reply


        Shelley, I hope you don’t mind. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Here is the link.

        1. Reply


          Aw, thank you, Donna! That was so nice of you! I’ll have to read up on it and get a reply back to you! Way to go being nominated yourself!!

          1. nomaddernomadder

            You are welcome. Thank you.

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    I found this great, wonderful, inspirational woman, called The Fly Lady, two years ago. She developed a system of keeping your house clean and organized at just one hour a day. It’s a tested system she designed and set up and has over 66,000 followers who swear to her cleaning ways. It all starts with keeping your kitchen sink clean and shiny before you go to bed each and every night. Here’s the link:


    Her system takes a while to get it into a routine, but once you are hooked, you will never see clutter or chaos in your home ever again. Nothing like giving your home ‘a blessing’ as The Fly lady calls it.

    I love her. Le sigh………

    1. Reply


      Cindi, thank you for the hot tips! I’ll definitely check The Fly Lady’s site out! As I say, (or I copy what other’s say), “we’re never too young to learn something new!”

      1. Reply


        She changed my life AND my home. It takes a while but once you ‘get it’ it’s a breeze. We ladies have more important things to do with our time! LOL! Good luck.

        1. Reply


          Thank you for sharing your testimony on how it works! We definitely have more important things to do with our time!

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