The last cookie standing

January 10, 2018

That’s it, folks, the last bite of my last fluffy white cookie has been taken.  Don’t worry, before I took the last bite, I congratulated myself that I got the last one.

There was a glimmering chance to get the last one before they were all gone.  I had glanced at the container as I drove my car into the garage yesterday.  I spied a couple of cookies remaining.  I had control when I walked by, even though I swear one was screaming at me to take it right then and there.  I knew I must wait for the perfect opportunity.

While some may go for it, I’m just not a beer and cookies kind of gal.  They are better with coffee, don’t ya know?  After dinner, chips, beer and such, I wasn’t in the mood for a cookie anyhow.  In the morning, though, it would be a splendid way to start my day.

Ah…I fell asleep and had sweet dreams about this morning and how I’d savor that last cookie over a cup of coffee.  Visions of the original batch of fluffy white cookies danced in my head.  Mesmerized by vivid colors of tiny sprinkles covering the white frosting.  I have such fond memories of how those little balls made a break for it as they bounced about on the cookie tray.

Perfection indeed.  Dang, I’m sure going to miss these cookies…IMG_8033cWhile I slept, invading mice made their way to the shelf.  When I snuck out into the garage to rescue the last cookie this morning, I didn’t see any mice, but dammit, there were tiny little bite marks on the edge of the container.  You’re gonna have to trust me on proof.  I wasn’t about to take my camera out there.

I saw teeth marks as I put my hand on the lid to open it up.  Holy crap, they found my cookies.  It took all my might just to rescue the last cookie!  I sealed up the container (so remaining crumbs weren’t a draw to the mice anymore) and dashed back in the door.  I didn’t have enough hands to carry the cookie, the container, and open the door while keeping an eye out for critters who may try to dash into the warm house with me.  I had to be the clever one!  (You believe me, don’t you?  Whew, thanks, I knew I could count on you!) 

Here I thought, during this whole cookie eating season, I had been the brilliant one.  Keeping critters at bay was my gift.  I always made sure the container was securely sealed up (tight on all edges) after each trip out in the cold to grab a cookie.  (Just one, mind you – just one cookie each trip.  Remember, I have control over my cravings?).

Yesterday, there were two cookies left, I’m sure of it.  I surmise (really hoping it wasn’t a mouse that knew how to cover their tracks by closing up the container??) my husband had taken one last night for his bedtime snack and in his rush not to get caught (by me or the mice), he left a tiny edge of the container open!?!  Just enough so the scent of the cookies drew the bastard mice to the shelf.

I’ve heard from reliable sources that mice supposedly can get into a hole with the diameter of a pencil?!?  Yikes.  Despite their small little brains, they appear intelligent at being able to get into spaces where humans don’t want them to.  Dirty, no-good for anything at all, rascals.

In my astuteness, (by rescuing the last cookie at risk for consumption by someone or some critter) I came out on top of this – the last cookie standing – escapade.

I’m the boss.  (When in doubt, I take three memorable shots to prove the point.) 

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The man of the house informed me traps have been set.  Until I see proof of removal, I refuse to leave any crumbs behind.  In the boss role, I shall request man-of-the-house be the one to rescue the empty container from the garage.  On second thought, maybe damsel-in-distress would be better than the boss approach?  Yeah, that’s the smarter route!

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    That’s funny! I still cant believe you can eat just one! Even when there is more than one there!

    1. Reply


      Glad you laughed! Cookies I can eat just one, chips on the other hand…watch out!

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        Me too, all of the above!

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    Mice? Cats? Earning those olives?

    1. Reply


      If they had ever been outside and saw a real mouse, I don’t know what they’d do! We got them when they were tiny kittens. Probably explains their love for olives instead of mice?

  3. Reply


    If you need more cookies, we have an overabundance of them at work from a meeting this morning. Plus two boxes of donuts from Kwik Trip. There are no mouse teeth marks on any of them, although I have a few mice stories from the workplace (chewing computer and telephone wires) that might make you hesitant.

    Let me know, I can certainly Fed-ex…

    1. Reply


      LOL! No teeth marks on boxes, boy, oh, boy, I’m tempted to request the Fed-Ex delivery! I’ll pass, if there is any sign of mice, I’m outta there! I’ll just put on my skinny jeans and go boldly into the world cookie-free until next Christmas!

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