Reservations or Resolutions for 2018?

January 3, 2018

Here it is Day 3 of 2018 and I have confirmed reservations about the year ahead.  Don’t look down at me.

Hear me out!


Oh, great, you took the bait…(thanks, by the way, I like it when you stay) what are my confirmed reservations you ask?

That I’m right about things to come for 2018. (It’s my blog, I can say I’m right…as much as I want to, so there!)



Instead of resolutions, I have two reservations for 2018 (that, by the way, is a long enough list for the 3rd day).

#1 – My sunrise view will never be the same.


The new neighbors (aka, the guy who hasn’t been back to do any work since the last report) are building across the street.  Their house will ruin my favorite view of the sunrise.  I glanced there as I drove by yesterday and sighed.

Those darn little red flags, flapping in the wind, are a steady reminder things will change when the weather improves.  “Look at me, I’m marking the house that will be.”

I’m not alone in keeping an eye on the changes to come.  Deer stopped by to inspect said damage to the area, and even they were bummed.

When there’s cover, they will stay, when there’s none, they will run.

(What the heck with the sad rhyme attempts?  How many in a post can one do? I may need some work on that technique – a resolution challenge for me, I see?!  I should offer a prize at the end if you can give an accurate count…just to keep you reading of course?  And, yes, I grabbed my zoom lens so you too could see, the little flags and the deer looking back at me! OMG…give it up!).

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#2 – New Year’s Resolutions aren’t for me since I turned 53 (there I go again…).  

I’ve been there, done that, and it’s frankly boring, in an odd way.  And defeating when I don’t follow through.  It’s hard to describe, so why try?

Okay, I’ll try, but someone else said it better than I.

There was a wise guy back in the 1800’s (he was smart, probably clever too).  Before he died in 1910, Leo Tolstoy shared the thoughts below.  I’m not a man (duh), but if I was, I agree wholeheartedly that he was on to some profound thoughts about life as we age.

“I have lived through much, and now I think I have found what is needed for happiness.  A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor – such is my idea of happiness.  And then, on top of all that, you for a mate, and children perhaps. – What more can the heart of a man desire?” – Leo Tolstoy

Happiness in the glory days after 50 doesn’t require leaping on a long to-do list at the start of a new year.  We are masters at list making.  We get a lot of shit done during the year, because, that’s what we’ve learned to do.

Instead of adding another list, why not take a different approach?

Take time to notice what’s right in front of you, appreciate the opportunities you see and let your heart’s desires lead you.  Pretty darn simple, eh?


How about you?  Do you have resolutions or reservations for the year of 2018?

PS – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will have to work on the ‘love for neighbor’ part though…grr, maybe I do have a few new year’s resolutions after all? How many rhyme attempts?  Don’t worry, I don’t really care either!  😉

PSS:  Here are the 2018 blogging feedback challenges from this post (for those who have taken it…you know who you are!)  1.  If you can’t rhyme well when you blog, should you try?  2.  What did work in this post?  

Daily Post Prompt:  Reservation



By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    Love the kitty photos! I have no reservations or resolutions, although I’ve decided to change my attitude about one or two things (something for a future post, perhaps). I like the idea of not making more lists (except the grocery list) of “to-do” stuff. Look at what’s in front of me, stop and smell the roses. Right? I think that’s a wonderful way to do life!

    1. Reply

      Mary, thank you! I look forward to reading that post! Excellent point about the grocery list, especially if it consists of more than 3 things. Yep, I’ve got a hunch, you’re on the right track for approaching happiness in life ;-)!

      1. Reply


        You’re welcome, Shelley! 😁 I have a good feeling about the year to come…or at least a good attitude.

        1. Reply

          I’ve got that feeling too! Happy New Year – think our cats will have some great times too? 😉

          1. bikerchick57

            As long as our cats can eat, sleep and play, their times will always be great.


            You’re so right! They’ve got that down and do plenty of it as well!

  2. Reply

    Wind Kisses

    Good morning. Wonderfully fun, Shelley. I admit you have a beautiful view, and it is a treat to see the deer. Hopefully they won’t venture too far. The kitty was a good photo choice, as nothing let’s their heart lead them more then our feline friends. Didn’t count the rhymes, but made the read fun. Have a good rest of your day.

    1. Reply

      Good morning, Donna! Thank you, too, for your feedback and for taking time to read my goofy post. My cats are always up to something picture-worthy, and sometimes I’m able to catch it on film. My tech support guy (aka, my husband) is very helpful when it comes to getting feline friendly facial expressions. It’s always great to hear from you! Happy Thursday to you!

  3. Reply


    So true about resolutions. Love your cat!

    1. Reply

      Thank you! I appreciate your feedback and for the kitty kudos, too!

  4. Reply


    Your cat is ADORABLE. Also, love the way you write! Have a happy 2018!

    1. Reply

      Aw, thank you, for stopping by to read my post! I appreciate your feedback and kitty kudos – Tizzie loves to hear she’s made someone smile! Best wishes to you in 2018!

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