New to Black and White Photography

November 12, 2017

In my neophyte approach to learning black and white photography, I’ve discovered, my love for color precedes my approach in photography.

This week’s challenge for Cee’s Black & White Photography is Weather.

In Wisconsin, we’re blessed to encounter almost all of the facets of weather, at least the four seasons give us a pretty good chance to do so.  I must confess, in that weather mix, I’m incredibly thankful no hurricanes are found here!

As the seasons come and go, though, the beauty of the changing skies draw me in.  I’m fascinated with the beautiful colors of sunrises and sunsets.  It seems so wrong to try to capture them in black and white.  Is it possible to do them justice?  Nah, I’m not quite ready to go there yet.  Even leaving a bit of the pink in the photo doesn’t do it for me.

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There is always the first snow.  It is easy to see black and white for me.  This year’s first snow had a cool bluish tint as the night began to settle in.  I think I like the blue better.

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Where we live, the wind blows pretty much all the time.  I love to watch the weeds or pampas grass blow gracefully in the wind.  Ah…I’m getting closer, this subject does convert pretty well to black and white.

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In the quietness of the early morning, before the wind starts to blow and dry the dew off the grass, is the perfect time to capture droplets of dew.

Now we’re talking!  Early morning dew drops are the winner of this weather challenge.

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When I’ve gotten down closer yet to the ground is even better in either color or black and white!

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What do you think?  What weather picture converts best to black and white?





By Shelley

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  1. Reply

    Maria W

    Lovely photos! Especially like the last two.

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Maria W. I appreciate your taking time to stop by and share your feedback! Love your cloud photo too!

  2. Reply

    Olga Daciuk

    Loved your presentation of a slideshow to demonstrate the conversion to B/W. Some wonderful results. The last one is spectacular. <3

    1. Reply

      Thank you, Olga Daciuk. The time you took to stop by and view my post and share your feedback is so appreciated. I’m glad you liked the slideshow effect too!

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