How photos funnel creativity for blog posts

January 8, 2018

Monday, Monday, Monday…the dreaded day of the week.  Do you ever feel blue on Monday?  I know I do.

What do I do to channel new thoughts to overcome the blues that block my blog writing?

I look up first.  Pictures of the blue sky always make me smile.  Doing so helps me realize I’m a small being, in a huge world, and things could be worse than feeling blue on a Monday morning.  A change in perspective always helps.


And then I grab a cup of coffee to pump myself up – I am the boss of my day (until I get to work and find things directing me off my calendar plans).

IMG_8476cWhen finding the words to write escape me, and my cup feels less than full, I find ways to move past the blinking line.

I imagine I’m far-far-away, where no worries mon happens, and I relax.   Tuesday 022I start looking for a golden egg in all of my pictures.  IMG_7145cAnd grab a drink?  Well, sometimes.

Tuesday 044Okay, I don’t do that on a Monday morning!  Unless I’m on vacation, on a beach somewhere, watching sailboats float by, with the waves splashing, bow bouncing, people smiling and enjoying themselves.  Ya mon.

Thursday 131Photos, memories, photos, memories, whether I’m alone or with others, my photos tell stories and are a conduit to thoughts I write about.

I get lucky sometimes and find photos that fit my thoughts or stretch them.

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As I sip my coffee, I sniff through pictures to see if anything grabs my attention.  I smile a lot as I remember all that I have seen and captured in photos.

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Well, that sounds simple doesn’t it, why didn’t you think of that?

You did, you do and you have, I just reminded you of how easy it is to use photos to spark ideas.  Let thoughts flow out from the shadows and fill the page with words.  Let your fingertips type away and escape the blinking line on your computer screen.

Flowing, flowing, flowing on to the page.

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Go grab a cup, two or three and write a post, about what you see.  Before you know it, you’ll have overcome the blinking line and those dreaded empty thoughts.

You may not write something that is perfect, but you overcame the Monday blues!  Now you can begin your week, guilt free from a blinking line that blocked your funnel to creativity.

There’s always tomorrow to write a masterpiece!  Happy Monday to you!

Daily Post Prompt:  Funnel



By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    I love photos, I’m into people photos but it does the same thing. It warms my heart and makes my brain work. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. Reply

      Yes, you can relate! Photos are awesome. I’m not so great at people shots, but my cats…they come in handy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    Dr B

    My camera goes everywhere with me and I always put images into posts to try and enhance the words.

    1. Reply

      Great advice Dr. B!

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    Downsizing Help

    Very true!
    I always start a blog post with a title and a photo that evokes the feeling that I want to create with the post. To avoid the blinking cursor, I first compose the post in notepad. It feels more relaxed and makes me forget I am publishing something. When the raw post starts to come together, I’ll copy/past it into WordPress and get further motivated to finish it. Do whatever works for you.
    Keep writing!

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      Great tips, thanks for stopping by to read my post and share your thoughts! You, too, keep writing!!

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