A twist on a month of everyday adventures

August 2, 2017

Oh good graycious, I’m so excited.  This morning, I happened upon an everyday adventures photography challenge.  I don’t think it really matters that I’m one month and one day late from the start date?  It is never too late to start a challenge. Just like New Year’s resolutions, started or re-started anytime you want to.

It’s the start date that matters.  Check.

When I look at the challenge list, I’m thinking there are few things I don’t really have around my hometown to actually capture, so I’ll need creativity.  I’m pretty sure that is the point – get creative and enjoy the adventures.

I’m up for getting creative and enjoying the adventures.  Check.

I’m also one not wanting rigidity by focusing on the exact list, in the order presented on the form.  I like to shake it up a bit.


What a rebel right (lucky me…my camera is a Canon Rebel EOS xsi)?  Check.

So yeah, I’ll be skipping around, and starting back on the list.  I’m pretty sure Tammy, the blog author, with a website called Rowdy Kittens, wouldn’t mind if I shake it up a bit and do it in any order?!  I’m guessing she’d be happy I’ve joined her in even if I’m late to the party.

It is all about the everyday adventures right?  Check.

I love everyday adventures, and so does my faithful little companion – Copper.  Now that he’s feeling better, and eating better, and sleeping better, he’s a ball of “Let’s take any adventure you suggest, I’m.ready.set.go.”

I’ve got a companion for the adventure. Check.

So, here we go.  Day 1 – starting on the list backward with #31 – Your choice

Duh, yep, my choice of photo challenge is Copper.  I couldn’t think of a better place to start, since I’m doing this on a whim, and he’s handy and always ready?

As luck would have it, this morning as I was reading Tammy’s blog, Copper ran into my office, ready to go outside for his morning routine.  He wagged his tail when I told him, “Wait a sec, I’ll grab my camera and I’ll join you outside.”  He loves to hear the click of my camera lens cap removed as much as he loves me saying “Let’s go outside.”  He knows they both mean we’re off on an adventure.

Oh, boy, yep, we’re going to have fun on this adventure.  You know what, now that I think of it, he might just join me for all the pictures…we’ll see, he appears someone who enjoys everyday adventures.  There’s always something to sniff or see.   Love it when he gets so absorbed in the adventure that he closes his eyes.  Wonder what he’s thinking?

Day #1 (aka, #31) pictures – right from the camera, no filters yet:








Man, oh man, this little man is so ready for adventures!


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