A GFTH-GFTB Blogging Challenge

Welcome to February folks. Wait…where the hell did January go? I have no idea, I must have blinked?  Or napped too long?   I just checked, and the date on my computer says, “2/1/2018” – it hasn’t lied to me yet. So there you have it, it is February 2018. Now that we got the date thing out-of-the-way, it’s time for a serious conversation.  And goal setting.  Unlike my post of yesterday, where I dissed goal setting, I’m actually a self-proclaimed Dubious Minimalist Goal Setting Queen (or King if you’re a guy) TM.   I do set some goals, and adjust them as I go, and I succeed.  The lack of undue pressure in my method is OUTSTANDING and makes it easy to break free from accusations like these whoppers: You’re a workaholic You’re an overachiever You’re such a saint You’re so organized You’re so disorganized You’re such a perfectionist You need to get your shit together You’re so skinny or fat or whatever weight You’re eating too many chips or drinking too much You’re not good enough You’re a failure (OUCH…that hurts doesn’t it!?!) If you’re prone to goal setting obstacles in the form of thoughts running through your head, hang … Continue reading A GFTH-GFTB Blogging Challenge