A day discovering creativity in Eau Claire, WI

February 12, 2018

When you feel the world shrinking in on you, and your feeling a bit limp and need some nourishment, what do you do for a pick me up?


What do you do to spark flames of creativity peeking out at you through the forest of trees?


What do I do to get out of that ‘it’s so damn cold here cabin fever’ feeling?

I grab a creative partner and go on an adventure to feed our souls and get our thoughts spinning on a new path to creativity.

Lunch first is a must!  Where did we stop?  The Smiling Moose in Eau Claire, WI, where there are adventures every day.


It was a sultry 16 degrees above zero in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, yesterday – the perfect weather for us to venture out into and discover something new.  The normal crowds you’d see outside at Phoenix Park and the Farmer’s Market area were missing except for a few brave joggers.  I gawked at them running by as I enjoyed the warmth of our window seat inside the restaurant.  Die-hard runners who run no matter what the weather impress the heck out of me.

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We headed to moose country after the lunch crowd had fled the scene, lending ourselves to a nice spot by the window to chat about new adventures for the year to come.  While we talked away, I enjoyed munching away on my wrap – the Hiker’s Harvest – it was an every-single-bite-delicious kind of meal.  I’d recommend trying it if you enjoy the surprise of nuts and tartness of cranberries all mixed together with roasted chicken.  Of course, I ate the whole thing and the bag of chips.  Adventures in creativity require consuming the sufficient amount of calories to get you from spot A to spot B!

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After filling our hunger pangs we headed off to the University to check out the Quilting as Art Exhibition.


A rush of memories came flooding back to me as I drove up to the University.  It is weird to drive into the parking lot where I parked so many years ago while attending the University.  I didn’t spend much time in the Fine Arts building but walked by it many a day as I headed across the bridge to the other side of the campus.

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The bitter cold of yesterday hit my face and took me back in time.  I vividly remember how that chilly nip of winter’s bite felt on my face years ago as I walked around campus.  I feel for all the students who have to tread their way across the bridge in the winter.  Lots of great memories of the area by the University of Eau Claire.  It is fun to reminisce about growing up years in one’s hometown.  I love seeing how it has changed, yet stayed the same in so many ways.

I could feel the warmth from the creative passion put into making all the quilts hung on the walls and displayed on stands as we walked into the room.  The hours of devotion it must have taken to craft each quilt impressed me immensely.  One sign said the artist started it in 1999 and finished in 2016.  Wow – that’s amazing.  My mom would’ve loved going to the exhibition, one of her dear friends had a couple quilts on display.  No close-up photos were taken…you should go see it in person to appreciate the talented artists and their masterpieces.

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Oh yeah, a fresh look at artistic creations was just what this gal (and pal) needed to free us from the cabin fever we were feeling yesterday!  Until next adventure – I hope you stay warm and keep on sparking your creative juices!

What do you do to spark or conjure up your creative thoughts?  What have you done lately to break free from writer’s block or the blue feelings of a long winter?






By Shelley

Letting my quirk out one post at a time.


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    I love your priorities. “Lunch first!” Lol…wayfarer after my own heart. Er, stomach 🙂

    1. Reply


      Thank you! Great minds (stomachs) think alike!! 🙂

  2. Reply


    Wow, that sounds like a really enjoyable day. I havent done anything lately. I better force myself out of the cabin for a bit. I havent been out in days.

    1. Reply


      It was fun and a much-needed change of pace! I hope you do get a chance to get out!!

  3. Reply

    Pat Asmussen

    I sew for a group that gives quilts away to whoever need them. Our group ,”The Sassy Stitchers” gave away 1,400 quilts in 2017. We give to the hospitals, nursing homes the shelters, and to schools. All out supplies are donated. I am prould to say I was a co-founder of our group 3 years ago. I sew at home more now as it is about a 40 mile trip into town. I’m too busy to have cabin fever. Of course, I can always bake if I have nothing to do, or read a book. I don’t have enough time.

    1. Reply


      Wow, that’s awesome Pat!! You are (and have been) one busy lady doing awesome things for people in need and your family! Thanks for taking time out to read and share your thoughts!! xx to you!

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    Wow, what a wonderful day, Shelley! I was inspired today by another Blogger, Telling Stories Together, who posted about Ray Bradbury’s brainstorming technique “Conjure the Nouns”. I did the exercise and got an 800-word 1st draft out of it!

    Keep up the great work. Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!


    1. Reply


      Thank you, Denny! I appreciate the read, the thoughts, and your suggestions! Way to kick out an 800-word draft!!! Ditto to you, keep up the great work and happy blogging to you, too! I’m following your blog now, so I’ll stop by and take a peek!

      1. Reply


        Thank you very much, Shelley! I’ll try not to disappoint, and I look forward to more of your Daily Post responses.

        1. Reply


          Thank you, and please share feedback too! 😉

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